Little Evil: A Review in Conversation.

Bro 1: Hey, have you heard of this film, ‘Little Evil’?

Bro 2: Nope, cinema or online?

Bro 1: It’s on Netflix so it came up as super highly recommended, but it’s a Netflix original so…

Bro 2: So they hijacked the whole system to basically force you to watch it?

Bro 1: Probably yeah. I mean, afterwards it came up telling me to watch a Netflix documentary on firefighters, which did seem a little shifty…

Bro 2: Well I have no idea what this film’s about yet, so can’t help.

Bro 1: Oh right. It was alright, it’s basically a satirical horror concept I guess. There’s this kid who might be the antichrist and there’s loads of deaths and tension and suspicion, but it’s cool, because it’s done to be funny.

Bro 2: So, like Hot Fuzz.

Bro 1: No no, right, so it’s that Adam Scott guy — you know, Ben from Parks and Recreation — So he’s an estate agent and has a super boring life, and then he marries this woman — Evangeline Lilly, pretty but super boring — has this life-changing event, and then after some tornadoes and bad speaking in tongues, starts to realise that his son is the actual antichrist, shit goes down and he has to save the day.

Bro 2: So, kind of like in Shaun Of The Dead where Simon Pegg’s girlfriend breaks up with him, he realises his life was terrible and it takes him an age to realise that there’s a convenient zombie apocalypse going on, thus providing a way for him to prove himself to his soon-to-be-once-again-girlfriend?

Bro 1: Huh. Okay yeah. Little similar. But it’s not just Adam Scott right, he’s got this funny best friend played by Bridget Everett, who’s like his sidekick all the way through and she’s super blunt…

Bro 2: …and a bit overweight and funny in a crude, self-deprecating way but don’t worry, they always come through when you need them to, as long as it’s in a stupid way like with an oversized gun, as a zombie or in some giant car? Like Nick Frost in both Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead?

Bro 1: It’s actually a monster truck but okay, I see where you’re coming from. It is pretty funny in parts though — there’s this really good bit where it starts raining blood after Scott’s character’s been buried alive and he’s all like “Great, now it’s raining blood… Not cool Lucas, not cool!” … no? Seemed funny at the time. There’s these quick shot close-up sequences too though, with like, dynamic sounds to add tension and switch scenes. They’re pretty cool.

Bro 2: Mmm hmmm…

Bro 1: What?

Bro 2: Firstly, that line doesn’t sound funny. Secondly, picture those shots in a sequence where someone’s buying a Cornetto. Like Edgar Wright does. All the time.

Bro 1silence

Bro 2: Getting it now huh?

Bro 1: Holy shit. It’s just an Edgar Wright film. But American. And not as funny. God, some of the script really was bad, but Adam Scott’s so charming you know? Oh god, they literally had the demon-hunter be a dwarf just for a cheap laugh, because of course, how could a dwarf ever be a demon-hunter?! I don’t think any of the women did anything but nag. And the antichrist is converted with love and ice cream. Oh god, I actually sat through that kind of movie. What happened to cinematic progress? Oh, poor Edgar Wright. What have I done?

hangs head in shame and horror

Bro 2: Yup. There it is.